This article is simply a dump of applications I’ve used or am using.

There are good videos on youtube (e.g. luke smith, distrotube) and good articles online (e.g. archwiki) so I won’t go into the details and features of each application here.

The order of applications simply shows the tendency of my personal perferences. It does not mean one is better than another. The rightmost ones are the ones I used most recently and vice versa.

The starred* ones are my favorite(s).

Here is my dotfiles.

Linux Distribution

mint -> openSUSE -> ubuntu -> kubuntu -> arch -> gentoo* -> arch*

Window Manager

i3* -> dwm* -> awesomewm*

Text Editor

vim -> neovim -> spacemacs -> spacevim -> neovim* -> doom-emacs*

Neovim/vim plugins

  • fish shell vim mode: enable by this function fish_vi_keybindings
  • firefox Vim Vixen


bash -> zsh -> ion -> fish*

more shells: archwiki

Terminal Emulator

konsole -> xfce terminal -> xterm -> urxvt -> st* -> termite -> alacritty*

more terminal emulators: archwiki

Email client

tried notmuch in emacs, and watched videos about mu4e in emacs but I think I will stick with neomutt for now.

more email clients: archwiki

File managers

navigating in shell is also not bad …

more file managers: archwiki

pdf viewer

okular -> evince -> zathura* | emacs

more document viewers: archwiki



written in rust

  • exa: ls alternative
  • bat*: cat alternative
  • starship*: shell prompt
  • ripgrep: grep alternative
  • fd: find alternative
  • skim: fzf alternative
  • mdbook: create book from markdown files

Terminal based

More resources